New Workshops are Finally Here!

They say good things come to those who wait and we very much appreciate your patience while we’ve been organising our new workshops! The best news is that we have so much more variety and new options now that we’re settled into our new home at Spring Forward Family Centre in Penrith, NSW. Upcoming workshops include:

Sports Massage for Elite Canine Athletes

Whether your dog is a racing greyhound or a flyball fruitloop, this 4-hour workshop will give you the hands-on skills to be able to determine which of your dog’s muscles are happy and which are cranky, and what to do about it. You’ll learn massage for before that all-important race or competition, and massage to help recovery afterwards. Even better, you’ll learn how to apply these skills to all of your other dogs – think of the money you’ll save when you can identify little niggles before they become major disasters! The relief of knowing what to do to help your dog after that high-speed stack or when they wake up the next morning with muscles they never knew they had! This workshop includes the same information Dr Helen Nicholson teaches in the massage course she wrote for Yamazaki Gakuen University in Japan and you’ll get to take home an English translation of her best-selling textbook on the subject. We have plenty of trailer parking at the rear of our new home in the Spring Forward Family Centre and places are strictly limited to ensure plenty of individual attention for you and your dog. You can book your place at one of our upcoming dates.

How to Check Your Canine Athlete Workshop

This workshop obviously needs a better name, but we keep getting asked how people can tell if their dogs need taking to the vet or physio for sports injuries – how to tell if the dog has a small issue that they can seek help for before it becomes a big problem. So whatever the best name for this workshop is, rest assured that by attending, you’ll learn what we as physios look for when we’re checking a canine athlete, to ensure that they’re in the best possible shape to minimise their risk of injury and maximise their chances of winning. Like our sports massage course, this course is excellent value because you can attend it once with one of your dogs and then use the skills you learn in these 2 hours every week, year in, year out, with the rest of your dogs, too. Save money by learning what little niggles feel like, rather than having to wait until they’re full scale disasters and your dog’s performance has suffered. Small class sizes to ensure plenty of individual attention, this is a hands-on course, so make sure you bring your favourite canine athlete with you! Book now by emailing us or calling (02) 4722 0891.

2016 Agility Nationals Lead-Up Conditioning Courses

Yes! The Nationals will be here before we know it and if you want to be in it to win it, our conditioning courses provide the perfect lead-up to the big event! We’ve reworked our format so we now have smaller classes for more individualised attention. In each of the 8 weeks of the course, you and your dog will become experts at the warm up, strength, balance, stretch and cool down exercises we’ve found most effective over the years. Previous conditioning course participants have set personal bests and a large number have even won for the first time at Nationals! Courses start at Easter in order for your dogs to peak at just the right time – email us to book now to ensure you don’t miss your place!

2016 Flyball Nationals Lead-Up Conditioning Courses

2016 is going to be such a busy year for some of our favourite furry athletes, many of whom will back up from the Agility Nationals in May for the Flyball Nationals in September! The results of our previous conditioning courses have included that the dogs can run much more consistent times, and we also helped reduce the risk of injury by improving the symmetry of these high-speed athletes’ musculature and flexibility. In order to ensure our dogs are at peak condition for the Flyball Nationals, these courses need to start the week of July 18th and places will be strictly limited to ensure quality individualised attention. If you want your dog to have the edge at Nationals, why not arrange for your whole team to come? Contact us now to find out about our team discount prices!