Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a common condition in dogs. It may be caused by congenital issues such as abnormal joint formation or by developmental issues such as too much exercise or obesity. Soft tissue problems such as weak muscles, ligaments and connective tissues that would usually support the hip joint can also contribute. Hip dysplasia may occur in one or both hips. Arthritis often accompanies hip dysplasia, causing further discomfort for your pet. It occurs most commonly in large breeds of dog.

Hip dysplasia has a genetic basis. However, physio helps reduce the development of problems caused by the condition. We do this by improving muscular tone and muscle mass and teaching dogs to protect their joints better. Our physio team will provide a fun, individual exercise program for your dog to give them the best possible quality of life.

Does your dog have hip dysplasia?

We can improve your dog’s quality of life with physiotherapy!

Our experienced team have many techniques available to show you, either in one of our Sydney centres or via telerehab with Skype.

Physiotherapy can also help our canine friends who have already had hip dysplasia for some time. At Animal Physiotherapy Services, we use a multifaceted approach to get the best results. This includes reducing pain and scar tissue with gentle, safe techniques like ice, warmth or massage. We also aim to increase strength, range of motion, flexibility, balance and coordination to maximise your furry family member’s quality of life. We aim to improve your pet’s condition at the affected hip/s, and also maintain and improve the strength of the rest of your pet’s body to minimise compensations occurring. All of our techniques are gentle, science-based, and focus on your dog’s abilities so that we achieve the best results.

Research shows that it is vital that physiotherapy is commenced as soon after diagnosis as possible. It is also essential that the prescribed exercises are performed correctly and frequently enough to have the desired effect. At Animal Physiotherapy Services, we ensure that you are completely confident to complete the ‘homework’ program with your pet, and keep in touch via email between appointments to help you through any questions or concerns.

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