Medial Patella Luxation

“Medial patella luxation” is a fancy term for “dislocating kneecap”. It’s one of the most common orthopaedic conditions in our canine friends, and may occur in one or both knees. It commonly occurs due to congenital issues or traumatic events. It may also occur due to a muscular issue such as wasting or excessive tightness of the quadriceps muscle at the front of the thigh, or as a complication of conditions such as hip dysplasia or neurological disease.

Does your dog have medial patella luxation?

Physiotherapy can help to reduce your pet’s discomfort and promote better long-term function and quality of life.

Our experienced team have many techniques available to show you, either in one of our Sydney centres or via telerehab with Skype.

Physiotherapy rehabilitates medial patella luxations with a multifaceted treatment approach. We aim to reduce pain, maximise range of motion and flexibility of muscles, build up muscular strength and endurance, promote the repair of damaged tissue (after surgery, for example), and improve balance and co-ordination. This approach is not only beneficial for rehabilitation of the injured leg, but also for prevention of further issues. By strengthening the body as a whole, it also helps to prevent problems in the ‘good’ legs.

At Animal Physiotherapy Services, we have over 15 years of experience treating dogs with medial patella luxations – both those who have had surgery and those who haven’t.

Research has shown that it is vital to commence physiotherapy as soon after diagnosis as possible to get the best results. It is also essential that the prescribed exercises are performed correctly and frequently enough to achieve the desired effect. At Animal Physiotherapy Services, we ensure that you are completely confident to continue the exercise program at home. We also correspond with our clients between appointments via email to ensure the best possible care is provided for your pet.

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