Truffles Update – Walkin’ Wheels

Here is another video of Truffles – a few months after starting to use her Walkin Wheels.

Look at her go! That is one happy dog!!

Truffles’ Mum reports:

“Before them, we would go for maybe 10 minutes around the block and now we’re walking for 40-45 minutes sometimes in her wheels. She’s become the local celebrity at the park and the beach!”


2 thoughts on “Truffles Update – Walkin’ Wheels

  • This is adorable and well done truffles
    I am looking at a chair for my rottweiler
    Is this the walkin wheels?
    How do you find them

  • Beautiful to watch you Truffles, looks like you got the best of all worlds, coolest name, hero parents and some sexy hot wheels. Love Pernelle


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