We Help Pets Who Can’t Walk

There are lots of reasons why your pet might not be able to walk independently.

Just a few examples of dogs we’ve helped include those with spinal cord damage, tumours, severe arthritis and those who’ve had an amputation.

We’ve also helped many other species with walking problems, including a deer, a lizard, some rabbits and a kangaroo!

Obviously, the first step is to see your vet urgently in order to determine the cause of your pet’s problem. Once veterinary care is underway, we can progress to how physiotherapy can help pets who can’t walk.

The first step for the physio is to assess your pet to determine their specific needs. And while it’s always our first preference to try to teach pets to walk by themselves again, sometimes this just isn’t possible – for example, when the spinal cord is simply too damaged. In these cases, if the pet and the family is coping, we can help with a wheelchair. The wheelchairs we keep in stock are fully adjustable in height, width and length and fit from small dogs like dachshunds to large dogs like ridgebacks – the deer we worked with even had her very own pink chariot!

See a video of one of our clients trying out her wheels for the first time.

And here is Truffles again, just a few weeks since she got her wheels.

Please contact us if you think a wheelchair might help your pet!

You can send us information about their veterinary diagnosis and a video of how they’re moving at the moment to help us help you. Your pet may soon be out and about in their very own set of wheels like our little friend in the video!


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